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JM: Well I think besides the, one of the first memorable moments was the firsttime I recertified in CPR after certifying in CPR at Madison General HospitalSchool of Nursing during the ER rotation in 1978. When I recertified two yearslater, well like now, it's a two-year certification. I was in Milwaukee at thetime. Going oh, yeah, I need to recertify in CPR. I was looking for, I waswalking around the neighborhood I was living in at the time, at the Lower00:53:00Eastside, Lower Lower Eastside of Milwaukee. And as I was walking along, I sawthe building that had two tiles on it. Visiting Nurse Association and AmericanHeart Association. I was going oh, yeah, that's where my CPR is through AmericanHeart. I went in to ask where I could recertify. They said, well we conductthose classes there. I recertified at one of the central locations in Milwaukeeat that time of the American Heart Association. I recertified in the class. Theinstructor that recertified me, person noted that where I worked and knew thatCPR instructor courses were taught at Columbia Hospital. And at that time, I wasactively a student at UW Milwaukee. So I said oh, if I could get to do that00:54:00during this coming summer, it was like six months from when I recertified, if Icould do that during the coming summer, it was like right afterwards, I'll bestill in the [unclear]. So I'm sure if you touch base with people at ColumbiaHospital, she'll give you the schedule. It turned out there was a class in Juneof 1981. I took the class, became a CPR instructor, just so I would have therepetition and not have two years going oh, I can't remember how to do this. Andfor like 37 years, I taught CPR as well.

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JM: The, well, again, the only time I went to the Madison General HospitalSchool of Nursing Alumni Association was this past May. Because, again, I knowit was, it's always on Saturday, the first Saturday of May, the weekend beforethe start of nurses week. Of course I was always usually working. Whether I wasworking third shift on the Friday night and getting off on Saturday morning, or01:03:00working third shift Saturday night, or both, or working first shift or secondshift on Saturday. So I was never able to go to a [unclear]. So I didn't getback to Madison General Hospital School of Nursing alumni or Madison GeneralHospital that now is, I can always say Meriter. I can never remember to sayUnityPoint. I can never remember that part of it. Because Meriter was at leastfor thirty years. UnityPoint is much shorter. But I didn't get back toessentially go through until recently, until, well, one or two years ago, tothat area. But just was very, it was almost like a walk-through. And then since01:04:00I also, because I knew I would need an outlet to be able to maintain my sanityand for social life, I was looking for something to do, I found a particulardance form at the time, that was just going to be a social element for me. Iwound up, it was a social element, but also the person that first taught me thisdance form asked if I wanted to become an instructor, dance instructor in thisdance form. She gave me for years to fall in love with the dance form. Shepersisted for another four years until I took the first part of the exams earlyin about two decades ago in 2001. And I took the second part of the exams two01:05:00years after that in 2003. And I've been a certificated Scottish country danceteacher, recognized by the headquarters, which is in Edinburgh, Scotland, of theRoyal Scottish Country Dance Society, since 2003 when I got the fullcertification. I've been a member, I've been a teacher of that form, with thefirst part of that certification starting in 2001. And to practice, I waspracticing probably learning to be, so I could take the exams, written, dancingand teaching. By 2003, I practiced from like 1998 till I took the first exams in01:06:002001. So from like 1998, I was practicing for three years. Taking the first partof the exams, and then taking the second part of the exams two years after that.


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