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Blq Socotec 2012

BLQ Socotec 2012: A Software Suite for Eurocodes Application

Eurocodes are the harmonised standards for structural design in Europe. They cover various domains, such as concrete, steel, timber and geotechnical engineering, and provide a common basis for the design of buildings and civil engineering works. However, applying the Eurocodes can be challenging, as they involve complex calculations, verifications and graphical outputs for different types of structures and situations.


To help engineers with the Eurocodes application, SOCOTEC, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services, has developed a collection of software tools called BLQ Socotec 2012. BLQ stands for Banque de Logiciels Qualifiés, which means Qualified Software Library. BLQ Socotec 2012 consists of several applications that cover different aspects of the Eurocodes, such as:

  • EC2R: Eurocode 2 - Calculation of rectangular concrete sections subjected to simple or composite bending

  • EC2T: Eurocode 2 - Calculation of T-shaped concrete sections subjected to simple or composite bending

  • EC2-Tige: Eurocode 2 - Calculation of the ultimate critical load or equilibrium state of a concrete column loaded at the head

  • EC2-Koka: Eurocode 2 - Calculation of continuous beams: envelope curves of bending moments and shear forces and reinforcements in spans and supports

  • And many more...

The applications are web-based and can be accessed from any browser. They are easy to use and provide clear and accurate results. The applications also allow users to save their projects, export their results in PDF or Excel format, and print their reports. The applications are regularly updated to reflect the latest changes in the Eurocodes and the national annexes.

BLQ Socotec 2012 is a valuable tool for engineers who want to apply the Eurocodes in a reliable and efficient way. It is also a way for SOCOTEC to demonstrate its expertise and innovation in the field of structural engineering. To learn more about BLQ Socotec 2012, you can visit their website or watch their video presentation.


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