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Pingueros En La Habana Pdf Free

Pingueros en la Habana pdf free

Pingueros en la Habana is a book by Cuban historian and gender studies scholar Julio César González Pagés, published in 2014 by Ediciones RIAM. The book is a result of a research project on male prostitution in Havana, Cuba, from 1998 to 2012. The book explores the lives, experiences, and identities of 150 men who engage in sex work as a form of employment or survival, and the impact of this phenomenon on Cuban society and culture.


The term pinguero is a Cuban slang word for a male sex worker or prostitute, derived from the Spanish word pinga, which means penis. The book traces the history of male prostitution in Cuba from the early 20th century to the present day, highlighting the roles and representations of different actors and spaces, such as Manolete or Manolo Tolete, a Galician porn actor who lived in Cuba; the Malecón, the famous seaside promenade where many pingueros solicit clients; and the Album Kafé, a cultural center where the book was presented at the 23rd International Book Fair of Havana in 2014.

The book also analyzes how the pingueros negotiate their masculinity and identity when dealing with foreign tourists, who are their main source of income. The book discusses how the pingueros construct their own concepts of gender and sexuality, as well as nation and survival, in relation to the local and global contexts. The book also links the sexual tourism industry with the contradictions and challenges of the Cuban revolutionary model.

Pingueros en la Habana is a digital book that can be downloaded for free from the website of Ediciones RIAM, a Cuban publishing house that specializes in social sciences and humanities. The book is written in Spanish and has more than 100 photos, maps, and other evidence that document the hidden world of male prostitution in Cuba. The book is one of the few academic works that address this topic from a historical and sociological perspective.

If you are interested in learning more about Pingueros en la Habana, you can also read some articles that summarize or review the book, such as this one by Abel Sierra Madero, a Cuban researcher and professor who specializes in sexuality studies; or this one by Elaine Vilar, a Cuban poet and writer who hosted the book presentation at the Album Kafé.

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