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Ernesto-sabato-o-junacima-i-grobovima-pdf Matteo Theme Mother

Matteo's Quest for Mother in Ernesto Sabato's On Heroes and Tombs

Ernesto Sabato's novel On Heroes and Tombs (1961) is a complex and multilayered work that explores the themes of history, identity, madness, and love in postwar Argentina. One of the most intriguing characters in the novel is Matteo, a young man who is obsessed with finding the truth about a mysterious woman known as Mother, who supposedly leads a secret society of blind people that plots against the government. Matteo's quest for Mother is both a personal and a political one, as he tries to understand his own origins and his role in the turbulent society he lives in.

Matteo is the illegitimate son of Fernando Vidal, a wealthy and influential politician who is also the author of a bizarre manuscript called "Report on the Blind", which reveals his paranoid delusions about Mother and her followers. Matteo never knew his father, who died in a fire along with his wife Alejandra, Matteo's half-sister and lover. Matteo was raised by his mother's family, who despised him for being a bastard and treated him cruelly. Matteo grew up feeling alienated and rejected, and developed a fascination with his father's manuscript, which he inherited after his death.


Matteo believes that by finding Mother, he will be able to connect with his father and discover his true identity. He also hopes that Mother will give him a sense of purpose and direction in a chaotic and corrupt world. Matteo joins a group of rebels who oppose the government and claim to have contact with Mother. He follows their instructions and participates in various acts of sabotage and violence, hoping to get closer to Mother. However, he soon realizes that the rebels are using him for their own agenda, and that Mother is an elusive and elusive figure who may not even exist.

Matteo's quest for Mother is ultimately a tragic and futile one, as he becomes more isolated and disillusioned with his life. He is betrayed by his friends, hunted by the police, and haunted by his past. He realizes that Mother is not a real person, but a projection of his father's madness and his own longing for love and acceptance. He also understands that his father was not a hero, but a coward who escaped from reality into his own fantasy world. Matteo ends up killing himself, unable to cope with the harshness of reality and the emptiness of his existence.

Matteo's quest for Mother is one of the most compelling aspects of Sabato's novel, as it reflects the author's own concerns about the role of the individual in history, the nature of truth and illusion, and the meaning of human existence. Matteo is a tragic hero who embodies the contradictions and conflicts of his time and place, as well as the universal human desire for love and belonging.

If you want to read more about Sabato's novel, you can download it in PDF format from [here].


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